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About The League


About the League
Biddy Jr. League:
The league has been created to give children the opportunity to play basketball during the summer.  The league is instructional in nature, and allows plenty of playing time for all players regardless of their ability.
The Biddy league will consist of 4 teams. Each team will consist of 20-22 players, of which 10-11 players will be on the 'B' team (younger, less experienced players).  The remaining 10-11 players will be on the 'A' team (older, more experienced players).  Each team in the league will have a coach for the 'A' and another for the 'B' team.
Player evaluations are held to determine the playing level of each individual.  It is mandatory to attend one of the evaluations (failure to do so may jeopardize that player's involvement in the league).  Once all players have been evaluated, teams will be selected.
We strongly believe the best way to teach defense is to play man-to-man, therefore there are no zone defenses allowed in this league.
We also believe that it important to teach structured offenses, therefore we require each coach to teach plays (offensive motion, inbounds plays, etc), and basics of the game (pick and rolls, screens, etc).
Teams are created as evenly as possible to provide competitive games.   We will make every attempt to have players competing against others with similar abilities.

Sr. League:
The Senior league will consist of 4 teams with each team consisting of 10-11 players with a mix of girls and boys on each team.  The games will consist of 4 8-minute quarters. 
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