Friday, January 31, 2020

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2020 Game Rules


Jr. League Games Rules for 2019:
1.      Regulation game - 4 – 20 minute quarters (may be modified due to larger B teams)
a.      Each quarter running time with the last minute stop time.
b.      B team will play 1st and 3rd periods
c.       A team will play 2nd and 4th periods
2.      Overtime – 3 minutes for B team, followed by 3 minutes for A team
a.      Each will consist of 2 minute running time with last minute stop time.
b.      Fouls counts from 3rd period for B team and 4th period for A team will be used
c.       1 additional timeout awarded to team for the Overtime
3.      Defense:
a.      Man-to-man defense only – no zone
b.      No double teaming on B’s
4.      ‘B’ team rules:
a.      No backcourt defense throughout the game.
b.      Pickup on defense will start at the yellow lines.
c.       No 3 point shots (if made outside the 3-point arc – 2 points will be awarded)
d.    Free throws - can jump over foul line (but not continue to basket for rebound) or stand 2 feet in front of the line.
5.      ‘A’ team rules:
a.      Transition backcourt defense only until pressing is allowed.
b.      Defensive team must pick-up at half court after made basket or dead ball (throw-in after foul or violation)
c.       Pressing:
                                                  i.      Pressing only for the last 10 minutes of the 4th period and in the A team overtime period.
                                                ii.      Cannot press if leading by 10 or more points
6.      General Rules:
a.      No fast breaking (occurring after a rebound) when team is up by 15 points
b.      Technical fouls:
                                                  i.      1 technical foul – player is removed from the game for 5 minutes.

                                                ii.      2 technical fouls – player is ejected from game with an additional 1 game suspension.

Sr. League:
Games will consist of 4 8-minute quarters.  Man to man or zone defenses are allowed. Pressing is also allowed. A team ahead by 10 or more points will not be allowed to press.

Games will start at approximately 7:30 (following Jr. Biddy game).